Kids ski courses last from 10 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 3 pm.
Ski courses for adults last from 10 am to 12 pm and/or from 1 pm to 3 pm

The meeting point is at the practice area directly at the Star Jet 1 valley station (Hofstadl).

Here you can start your ski course on any day, irrespective of your ability level.
The prerequisite for the start of a group course on any week day is a minimum of 4 participants in a group, which is very often the case.

Yes, if you wish it, they can be allocated to the same group. Depending on their skill in skiing, the children are allocated to groups organised by age. 
If you children want to be in the same group, we are happy to include the more skilled child in the group with the weaker brother or sister.

On the first day of the course please arrive at the meeting point 30 - 45 minutes before the starting time for the course.
Allocation in groups is discussed with the parents, and children are divided according to skiing ability into groups organised by age.
The different groups are provided with high-visibility jackets in different colours.

Kids Beginners Groups consist of a maximum of 6 children for 1 ski instructor.
Kids courses for advanced skiers have a maximum of 12 participants in the group.
In school holiday periods there is a maximum of 8 to 12 children in a group, at other times there are often fewer in a group.

We offer lessons in the following languages: German, Dutch, English.

When we allocate children to groups, we take account of the children's native language and allocate ski instructors accordingly.

Your child needs a complete ski set (skis, ski boots, poles and helmet), and depending on the weather conditions also goggles or sun glasses.
Advanced children also need a lift ticket.

Kids beginners do not need a ski pass. At the beginning they use our conveyor belt. 
As soon as the child has learned to brake and turn, the ski instructors report this to the parents, so that lift tickets can be obtained.

Adults do need a ski pass, because they start skiing directly on the practice slope of the cable cars.

No, a valid ski pass needs to be purchased separately. Lift tickets can be purchased at the lift ticket offices directly opposite our office.

Information on ski pass prices can be found on: www.snow-space.com

Yes, the course times for adults are the same and we offer childcare over the lunch hour for children aged up to 15 years.

We offer lunch supervision from noon to 1 pm for children up to 15 years.
On registration you receive a meal ticket, which must be given to the ski instructor. The ticket includes:

  • Supervision
  • Meals
  • A drink

All you can eat – in most chalets the children are given rather smaller portions, since they do not always clear their plates. However second helpings are usually possible!
You can book supervision for your children online with the course booking or book it at the resort in the Ski School office.

In our weekly programme you fill find all the activities offered on top of the ski courses.
"Fischi" makes a visit to the children during the week and entertains them.

Sunday: Clown (if there is a sufficient number of children)
Monday: Photo shoot
Tuesday: Long jump contest
Thursday: Fischi final races with an award ceremony and release of wish balloons

On Thursdays final races are held with an award ceremony at 3.30 pm in the Kinderland children's play area.

Beginners start at about 11.30 am on the practice slope.
Advanced skiers start at about 10 am at the Star Jet 2 (Start: Jandalm, finish: approx. 200 m above the 8 Jet mountain station).

The award ceremony takes place at 3.30 pm in the Kinderland children's play area.

All the children receive a medala Fischi certificate and for those who came first in each group there is also a cup.

Yes, as from Tuesday you can purchase a photo album for 12.00 EUR from our office.

Please come and see us in the ski school office in Flachau Dorfstraße 130 to obtain your ticket by exchanging your online booking confirmation against your ticket.

We do not refund money if the course was not enjoyed.
The difference in amount from days used and days not used can, however, be used for another offer from the ski school.

To secure the offer, we request that you book this online or send us a deposit by credit transfer.

If agreed with our staff you can also pay for the offer in cash at the resort.