Ski Kids Club in Flachau

Ski course with supervision of children from 2 years of age

At the Ski Kids Club in Flachau your children enjoy a combination of ski course and children's club (indoor play group). Our thoughtfully designed Kids Club is located in Ennshof in the centre of Flachau and about 150 m from Fischis Ski School.

In the mornings, the 2-hour beginners' ski course is held from 10 am to 12 pm in the Ski School in Flachau. Ski beginners are instructed with plenty of fun and games and in the process learn their first skiing techniques. The first runs take place on our magic carpet and in the ski carousel. If you require it, we also offer childcare over the lunch hour from 12 pm to 1 pm.

The children are supervised from 1 pm in the Kids Club in Ennshof, where games and action or rest are on offer until 8 pm.
Your darlings are excellently taken care of in accordance with our weekly programme  by our specially trained childcare staff. We offer facilities for indoor and outdoor play with any amount of activities, creativity, hand crafts, cooking and much more, as well as space for rest.